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A palm tree that electrifies commuting from home to work

Solar Car Charging Palm prototype is located at Apametal's facilities in Rio de Mouro


At first glance it may seem like a piece of urban art, but the palm leaf-shaped structure that Bruno Moreira intends to spread around the world has a very practical application: ensuring fast charging and free of charge for electric vehicles through solar energy generated by photovoltaic panels installed in what the person responsible for SBFC Hightech called Solar Car Charging Palm.

Having long been accustomed to driving electric cars, with all the challenges arising from traveling between Portugal and Germany, where he has lived and worked for many years, the entrepreneur explained to NOVO that the doubts regarding the ability of electrical networks to respond to the increase in the number of this type of vehicles served as inspiration. “It will depend on the areas and locations, and the age of the infrastructure. In Portugal, in the most populated neighborhoods of Lisbon, there would probably be problems if we put chargers everywhere”, he says.

It is certain that this difficulty served to identify a business opportunity. “All of this started to create in our heads the idea of creating a product that was independent of the networks and that would allow us to provide more accessible and stable charging, in terms of technology, for a country like ours”, he says. It became clear that the solution would be to take advantage of solar energy to meet the charging needs of those traveling between home and work. And you don't need to travel more than 100 kilometers a day on these round trips. Based on the bifacial photovoltaic panels that SBFC Hightech developed in Germany, Bruno Moreira and his partners designed a fast charging alternative, in an hour or two, that guarantees not overloading the electrical grid while also not causing additional expenses to those who use it. buy and open doors that users don't have to pay for.

You can find out all the details of this attempt to revolutionize electric mobility and Bruno Moreira's strategy to obtain customers inside and outside Portugal in the print edition of NOVO< /strong>, on newsstands since this Friday. And also know where the prototype of the “palm tree” is located, which will be visited by Turks and Brazilians in the coming days.

See the news in the newspaper NOVO SEMANÁRIO:

Download PDF • 5.51MB

Find out more about the Solar Car Charging Palmhere:

PRESS RELEASE Solar Car Charging Palm SBFC EN
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