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Brick & Dalle 60 Cell

High efficiency crystalline silicon cells are used in building materials; the classical elements are perfectly applied to modern design.


Optimizing the mainstream material textures of the building materials market, grasping the annual fashion colors, and becoming the

trend leader of photovoltaic building materials.


Addition of optical nanofilm can hidden the high efficiency solar cells, beautiful and consistent appearance.


Long lasting color


Aesthetics and practicality


Construction-grade materials with the same life span as the building


Surface texture with low reflection is easy to clean


High strengh, light, corrosuion resistant


Excellent thermal insulating properties, energy saving

Power output: 235W

Voltage at Pmax: 32.5V

Current at Pmax7.23A

Open-circuít voltage: 39.7V

Short-círcuít current: 7.57A

Dimensions: 1680x1030mm 
Cell (quantity/ dimension/ number of busbar): 60/Mono/ 158.75x158.75mm  
Glass: Low-íron tempered glass/ 6+6mm 
Encapsulating material: PVB 
Structure: Hollow out/ Single-layer hollow/ Laminated hollow

Weight: 57kg/ 83kg/ 113kg

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